• Briggs Stadium
  • Elevation
  • Final Rendering


Our project vision is to transform this storied site into an activated, mixed-use development that builds on the Corktown neighborhood’s vibrancy and history while providing economic opportunities for generations to come.

Briggs Stadium
Making Memories

The memories of the past can help inspire visions for our future.

It's time to start creating new memories at the corner.

The historical significance compels us to move forward.

And the heroes of old can be inspirations for tomorrow.

Ty Cobb
Rediscover Nostalgia
Emotional Connections

Let's bring people and neighborhoods together in a vibrant new community where families and friends can unite.

With the right plan, we can achieve long-term sustainability and a sense of place in one of Detroit's oldest neighborhoods.

Reconnect Corktown

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Revive the Corner.

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Join us on Popularise and share your ideas with us, as we build momentum to revive the corner.

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Leasing and investment opportunities will be available in 2015.